Our Services

LBSPartners provide a range of training and lean business consulting services. We employ a range of Lean methodologies and principles to support clients’ continuous improvement efforts. Our success helping clients achieve significant business transformation is due to our focus on supporting each organisation’s unique purpose, processes and people.

Our Lean training programmes develop the Lean capability of staff at all levels of the organisation. Lean training programmes are designed to support participants’ growth based on their current knowledge of Lean and pertinent to their role within the organisation’s continuous improvement strategy.

Our Leadership training programmes supports the development of Lean skills amongst senior and middle management. Lean Leadership training helps coach leaders in Lean principles, to get everyone in the organisation speaking the same language and on the same page towards long-term, sustainable improvement.

Our people and competency development training is primarily targeted at senior and middle management teams who require support developing competencies related to their work and interaction with staff. There are three levels of training – Foundations, Level 1 and Level 2, which may be completed as a pre-packaged skills development programme. Alternatively, modules may be chosen from the various training levels to create a bespoke training programme to address an organisation’s individual needs.

Our personal productivity training aims to help organisations and individuals identify the barriers to productivity. Our programmes are customised to motivate and empower individuals to make the changes required to maximise their potential. With practical strategies and simple tools and techniques, we work with you to boost productivity and inspire action.

Our business consulting services showcase our Lean expertise by developing programmes which identify areas of waste and opportunities for improvement whilst engaging staff to increase their skills and knowledge to perform better. We work to increase efficiencies and to develop a nurturing environment where the acceptance of Lean goes hand-in-hand with the development of a skilled workforce.

Why partner with us?

LBSPartners have unrivalled experience in Lean training, implementation and management. Our approach is hands-on, data-based and result driven; we customise our offerings to meet each of our clients’ individual needs. By employing Lean methodologies and best practices, honed from our collective experience, we partner with our clients to deliver the best results from their people and processes.

Our team of consultants average more than 25 years’ experience across a variety of business sectors and have completed hundreds of Lean projects and training engagements. As thought leaders within the Lean community, we provided support, in conjunction with NSAI, Enterprise Ireland, Irish universities and industry representatives, for the development of LEAN Swift Standard. In addition, our consultants lecture and provide content for the University of Limerick MBA programme, for Lean Graduate Diploma courses and for Engineers Ireland’s Future Professionals Programme.

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