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People do great work because they want to, not because they have to. An organisation’s greatest asset is its people. And, although Lean is widely known for its success in process improvement, it’s essential that organisations seek personal and professional development opportunities for staff to achieve continuous improvement successes.

LBSPartners have developed a competency training programme which addresses the necessary skills and knowledge required for supervisors and managers to perform their job better. We coach management on how to increase engagement amongst their team, equipping them with the tools to support workers, to achieve more.

Competency development training focuses on skills, knowledge, characteristics, behaviours and judgements related to workforce roles and responsibilities. Individual performance is linked to the goals and objectives of the overall business. Training management in skills pertinent to their roles helps develop better business outcomes for the organisation.

People Development Training Benefits

  • Supports business growth and achievement of organisational goals and objectives
  • Develops a streamlined way of thinking and performing; tools and methods can be used across the business, in various departments
  • Supports employee engagement and career development
  • Improves managers’ performance and, consequently, the performance of their teams – an investment in your people increases your competitive advantage
  • Develops efficiencies and consistencies to ensure output is optimised
  • Supports the management of change more effectively
  • Increases the return on invested capital (ROIC) in an organisation’s most valuable assets – their people

Programme Layout

LBSPartners’ comptency-based training is available as individual, customised programme modules to address any areas of development required by your management team.

The programme is also available in three pre-packaged groupings, to progress management teams through the modules which will support development of their leadership and management skills. Foundation Level is appropriate for all levels of management; Level 1 is designed for mid-to-senior management; and, Level 2 is for senior management.

LBSPartners People & Competency Development Training

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