Personal Productivity

With Productivity and Positivity there is little we can’t achieve”

A core feature to the success of Lean is the focus on people and their development. Our personal productivity training helps employees become more confident and efficient to help drive business performance.

LBSPartners productivity consultant Ciara Conlon helps busy professionals save time and become more productive. Our aim is to help organisations and individuals identify the barriers to productivity. Our programmes are customised to motivate and empower individuals to make the changes and maximise their potential. Using practical strategies and simple tools and techniques, we work with you to boost productivity and inspire action.

Investing in productivity can benefit an organisation from many perspectives. Better management of time leads to a reduction in time required for daily tasks. These hours saved multiplied by euros per hour give direct savings. When you factor in the opportunity cost of the freed hours, the benefits increase substantially. Identifying the barriers and bottleneck to workflow will lead to an increase in effectiveness and overall performance.

From a human perspective, employees report feeling more in control and focused. They suffer from less stress and overwhelm and generally enjoy an improved work life balance and greater work satisfaction.

We offer Productivity Training Programmes, including: