Abbey Machinery.

About Abbey Machinery.

Abbey Machinery is one of Ireland’s largest and most respected manufacturers of agricultural equipment, with over 125 years of engineering experience. Abbey provides farmers across Northern Europe with high-quality and reliable farm machinery which has the ability to produce the best possible results in a cost-effective manner.

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Name, Position, Company

The Challenge.

This requires a clear blueprint for the information management system that enables your business. This is effectively a Digital Transformation of sorts. The management team of the company approached LBS as they wanted to improve productivity in the Applicator Build and Final Assembly area.

A Collaborative Solution.

  • Implemented a new planning process for the Tank Build
  • Kitting project in Fabrication
  • 6S Project in Paint
  • Stores Stock Accuracy project
  • ERP Improvement project
  • 6S Workplace Organization training given to all personnel
  • Lean Simulation training completed with Team Leaders

Impact and Results.

  • 40% Improvement in Final Assembly output
  • 200% Productivity Improvement in Applicator build


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