About Roadbridge.

Roadbridge are a Limerick-based global civil engineering contractor, specialising in the international delivery of complete infrastructure projects across all sectors; for a broad range of clients and contract conditions since 1967.

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The Challenge.

Roadbridge was experiencing sizeable growth in its business which was putting pressure on business operations, especially as much of the construction business is time critical. This case study is based around an analysis undertaken in the Estimating and Purchasing Departments, which it was felt could lead to less time wasted in the tendering and estimating process, making the entire process more efficient.

Tenders were taking up a disproportionate level of resources as the number and complexity of those being submitted grew. Roadbridge needed scalability in its tendering process by introducing smarter and better processes to handle the increased volume without adding to costs.

A Collaborative Solution.

Firstly, a detailed Level 3 process map was completed to give visibility to the tendering & estimation process. The process map provided a basis for a mini Value Stream Map to identify waiting time, which showed that 23% of total time was “waiting”.

There was no clear process for involvement with the ERP system, which created inconsistencies. In consultation with the estimators at Head Office, further analysis using Pareto, 5 Why’s and Fishbone was completed. This identified further inefficiencies for which countermeasures were introduced.

Impact and Results.

  • 30% reduction in average tender lead time.
  • €231,000 p.a. in savings.
  • Capacity to deal with more tenders to support growth ambitions
  • Weaknesses in ERP identified and resolved.
  • Embedding of Continuous Improvement culture had commenced.


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