Change Management

How Do You Make Agility Your Advantage?

Change Management

In the old days, your company might expect one large change every three years. Not so today, when every company faces faster, more cross-discipline and complex change than ever before. How do you adapt to this change, to keep up and stay out-in-front? When change comes thick and fast – how do you keep delivering results and keep getting Better? At LBS Partners we spearhead successful Change Management Programmes for companies with vision. Programmes designed to secure strong leadership, clear communication and robust governance.

A Better Solution

At LBS Partners we have designed our 8- Phase Transformation Framework – to help you mobilise, manage, monitor and maintain change in your organisation.

Our 8-Phase Transformation Programme

To mobilise change a sense of urgency needs to exist. The cause is important but the result is paramount. A singular focus creates a resolve to alter the current methodology. Introduction to Lean for Leaders training programme.Phase 1
Create a Burning Platform
Phase 2
Build a Powerful Coalition for Change
For an organisation to generate real change, the support of the most effective and influential minds is imperative. Leaders across the organisation will influence others in the necessity for change.
On a journey, a vision of the destination encourages more travellers. A clear sense of purpose to the efforts of a change programme will generate a positive understanding of where the company is going.Phase 3
Create the Vision
Phase 4
Communicate the Vision
Clear communication of the impact of change on the organisation at all levels is critical. Going on a journey is more likely if the destination is known.
Management provides direction. Empowerment frees the mind to act. The path of change is best travelled by positive mind sets inspired by a sense of participation.Phase 5
Empower Action
Phase 6
Create Quick Wins
Momentum is created by early successes. Evidence of adoption of change in chosen sections will permeate through the organisation.
Change will spread in an organisation once the programme’s momentum gathers pace. The need is to whet the appetite for change, leading to a paradigm shift to constant change.Phase 7
Build on the Change
Phase 8
Make it Stick
Sustainable Change Management programmes are initiated and supported at C Level, communicated clearly, gather early momentum and most importantly have a system of governance monitoring performance.

Change Management in action

Irish Dogs Foods (IDF) is a major manufacturer of dry dog and cat food – with products ranging from value to premium, single to multi-kibble. IDF required a business improvement programme to implement better planning processes across the business – to support increased productivity and output within the packing hall

How we implemented Better

We designed a multi-faceted change programme to address IDF’s improvement needs. The improvement programme first addressed the company’s planning process, in order to align availability of material with resources. A redesign and new layout of the packing hall was implemented to improve product flow and support employee standard work.

A new visual management system (VSM) was implemented and supported by daily performance, issues and targets (PIT) meetings – to openly discuss and resolve performance issues. A forum was created to help the production teams resolve more complex issues which arose from the daily PIT meetings.
Business process improvement training was provided to all employees in the production area, including management and supervisors. This training helped engage employees in the change process and enabled a cultural shift in behaviours towards a new Lean approach.

LBS Partners is working on an ongoing basis with IDF to make further improvements throughout the business.

What got Better?

  • 10% increase in productivity of the packing operation.
  • Significant improvement and cost savings achieved through Continuous Improvement team projects.
  • Production planning process now supports the business’ daily requirements.
  • Formal problem solving methods implemented, working together to determine solutions.
  • Employees have the ability to deploy Lean tools to improve their operation.


We have been working alongside LBSPartners to achieve major changes and improvements throughout our business. Their support has been vital in developing our internal capabilities and supporting a lean culture that has contributed to significant growth for our company.


Mary Fox, Operations Manager

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