Leading People & Teams

Empower Your Team on the Road to BETTER

Leading People & Teams

Unlocking your employee’s potential and attaining the knowledge your business needs is essential to survival and success in this changing world. Creating a confident and empowered team enables strategies to succeed, KPI’s to be reached and business to soar. At LBSPartners we offer training for you, and your team, in order to succeed in your business.

LBSPartners are committed to you and your company in order to offer better training and development to benefit your business. With two core offerings we can ensure the company needs are identified and addressed with solutions created for you.

Learning Paths to Better

With employee development at the centre we have created learning paths to ensure your team are up to date and skilled in both Lean and Leading People and Teams. By combining the Lean capabilities and People skills employees are offered a rounded training experience. Our learning paths offer a comprehensive knowledge base at three individually designed levels. The learning paths below can be tailored dependent on specific to your company’s requirement.

Bespoke Training

Our tailored training programmes are specifically created with your company and employees as the focus. We work with you and the team to create training based on your business needs by designing bespoke training with various module options available.

Employee Assessment Process

Our Employee Assessment Process offers you insight into all areas of your business and identifies all training requirements.

Introductory Learning Path

This path establishes a foundation for Lean Learning, along with communication skill for all employees.

Intermediate Learning Path

This path advances learning in communication for employees and offers a more in-depth understanding and development of Lean capabilities and implementation of tools.

Advanced Learning Path

Looks at the advancement of personal skills and management development and offers a high level of Lean understanding, implementation and measurement.

Bespoke Training

All our training can be offered in tailored modules addressing your specific learning needs.

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