LEAN Construction

How Do You Construct Better Outcomes?

LEAN Construction

At LBSPartners we understand that with Lean Construction thinking embedded in your organisation, you can enhance value and reduce waste at all stages of the construction process. All relevant sections of the process including design, tendering, administration and the actual physical build, offer opportunity for improvement through collaboration. Lean moves away from traditional approaches to construction management and instead focuses on the efficiency and quality of service provided to the client. Lean Construction nurtures a culture of continuous improvement in your people that will be sustained across successive projects. “Lean Construction delivers best possible outcomes for you and your clients”

What We Do Better?

  • Last Planner System
  • Direct Observation
  • 6-S of a Lean Workplace
  • Target Value Design
  • People Development

Lean Delivers Value During Each Phase of Construction

Design Phase

  • Client engagement and scope definition
  • Designing Value into the project from the outset
  • Maintaining flow of design output
  • Undisrupted information flows and no decision holdups
  • Aligning preconstruction participants & activities around client’s goals
  • Optimise the use of early phase resources, especially time

Planning Phase

  • Initiating the Last Planner® System (LPS) project plan
  • Developing a Lean strategy for the project
  • Eliminate early-phase ‘invisible’ wastes
  • Plan to optimise engagement with public bodies and vendors
  • Develop a cost management strategy focused on delivering value
  • Prioritises Safety in every task

Procurement Phase

  • Define client value and probe the line between price and value
  • Verified contracts allow for collaboration and accommodating whole-project goals
  • Design an integrated, non-fragmented, supply chain
  • Define construction processes that maximise quality and value-add
  • Promote lean construction methods across all participants

Construction Phase

  • Elimination of the 10 construction wastes
  • Inject certainty through reliable planning
  • Visual management system in the workplace
  • Reduced variation during work hand-overs
  • Pull planning and improved work flow reliability
  • Prefabrication and manufactured construction
  • Improve the reliability of assignments at work crew level
  • Observation Studies of on site activity

Commissioning Phase

  • Validate the Quality of the Design
  • Validate the Quality of Conformance to the Design
  • Design efficient hand-over and acceptance processes
  • Validate the delivery of lean throughout the project

Operations Phase

  • Ensure value is not lost during this post-construction phase
  • By delivering Quality and Value throughout each of the construction phases downstream costs are kept to a minimum
  • Enhance long term reputation and competitiveness by delivering quality, reliability, timeliness and price, to the construction client

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