Lean Construction

Minimise Costs, Maximise Value and Quality.

Lean Construction

At LBSPartners we help you enhance value and reduce waste. 

With opportunities for improvement at all stages of your processLean Construction moves away from traditional approaches to construction management and instead focuses on the efficiency and quality of service provided to you and your client. LBSPartners nurtures a culture of continuous improvement in your people that will be sustained across successive projects.  

Lean Construction delivers the best possible outcomes for you and your clients. 

Our team of consultants use Lean methodologies, industry best practices and their years of experience and expertise to develop process and people solutions specifically designed around your unique challenges. We know that all processes, all systems, and all people – can be BETTER at what they do. Can do more. Can go further. Can get greater results. More importantly, we know how to take you there.   

We’re here to help you start your journey to find your Better business.  For more information click here to contact us


What We Do Better?

  • Last Planner System
  • Direct Observation
  • 6-S of a Lean Workplace
  • Target Value Design
  • People Development

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