The Last Planner® System Training

The Last Planner® System Training

Transform your project and organisation with Lean thinking and The Last Planner® System.

Lean Construction moves away from traditional approaches to construction management and instead focuses on the efficiency and quality of service provided to the client. With Lean Construction thinking embedded in your organisation, you can enhance value and reduce waste at all stages of the construction process. The Last Planner® System (LPS) one-day workshop has been specifically developed to help deliver more predictable production in the construction sector. LPS creates more reliable project delivery, safer sites and shorter production schedules. Participants are taught through project simulations and real-life examples, introducing them to Lean thinking and the underlying principles.

Last Planner System Training


This programme will be delivered at the customer’s site. Delivery is through classroom-based training, supplemented with LBSPartners Lean Construction simulation, offering participants practical experience.


What’s covered and what will I learn?

  • The objective of this programme is to give participants the knowledge and capability to create and deliver a project using the LPS.
  • Current practices that are used in design and construction underpinning the way things are done today.
  • Problems with how production is managed on projects and exploring the effects of variation on workflow in production Learn the key principles that support lean construction The Last Planner® System
  • Learn how to design and implement the LPS and when it is suitable for your project.

Topics covered include:

  • Last Planner
  • 6S
  • 4C
  • Standard Work
  • IPD
  • Target Value Design
  • Kaizen

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