Lean Construction Green Belt

Lean Construction Green Belt

At LBSPartners we understand that with Lean Construction thinking embedded in your organisation, you can enhance value and reduce waste at all stages of the construction process. All relevant sections of the process including design, tendering, administration and the actual physical build, offer the opportunity for improvement through collaboration. Lean moves away from traditional approaches to construction management and instead focuses on the efficiency and quality of service provided to the client.

Lean Construction nurtures a culture of continuous improvement in your people that will be sustained across successive projects. “Lean Construction delivers the best possible outcomes for you and your clients”. Participants are taught to identify and expose the opportunities presented by the waste in businesses. Central to the programme is practical instruction in powerful Lean tools & techniques: Last Planner, Value Stream Mapping and Target Value Design.

Construction Green Belt


This course is certified by LBSPartners with optional University of Limerick accreditation subject to completion of an A3 project.

Option 1: LBSPartners

Upon successful completion of the training and in-company project, all learners will be accredited with an LBSPartners certification. There is no additional charge for this certificate.

Option 2: University of Limerick (UL)

This training course is recognised by the University of Limerick. Upon successful completion of the training, in-company project and personal reflection, learners will be accredited with a level 8 (undergraduate) certificate or 6 ECTS credits. Additional costs are applicable.


This programme will be delivered at the customer’s site. Delivery is through classroom-based training, supplemented with on-site implementation

Mentoring sessions delivered on-site on your company premises. The in-company mentoring will be focused on the application of learning and supporting you through a structured implementation. Throughout the programme, the aim is to transfer knowledge, skills and attitude to the project team to enable participants to apply lean principles in future projects.

In Company Project

Each participant is required to put their learning into action through the completion of an improvement project. Projects will be completed using the A3 template, covering the structured problem-solving process of Lean. Allowing participants to demonstrate their grasp of Lean Construction principles, tools and best practice.

Outcomes from these projects will be used to demonstrate return on investment to the client companies. Further furnishing the positive impact of the programme and the learning of participants.

Mentoring Support Plan

Delivering an improvement project will be the key outcome of this programme. With mentoring participants to ‘learn as they do’, delivering on their construction focused project objectives through structured learning. The mentoring sessions are used to achieve the following:

  • Meet owner / key managers on the site to scope out the project(s).
  • Provide support and feedback to members of the project team.
  • Complete the assignment with a team presentation to the management team.

What’s covered and what will I learn?

The objective of this programme is to give a detailed overview of the key concepts of Lean Thinking in terms of the Lean Principles (Value, Value Stream, Flow, Pull, and Perfection) and the Wastes in Construction as identified by Lean. It provides a practical understanding of how to identify and expose the opportunities presented by the ubiquity of waste in processes and delivers practical instruction in powerful Lean tools & techniques such as Value Stream Mapping and Kaizen.

The Last Planner System is essential to successfully manage cross-functional projects which deliver demonstrable improvement in key business measures, managers and team members need the ability to both effectively manage and lead cross-functional CI project teams. Therefore, the second aim of this course is to combine the philosophies of Lean Thinking with the discipline of Project Management and the concepts of teams and team performance to assist project leaders in the successful delivery of improvement projects.

Topics covered include:


  • Lean Fundamentals
  • Lean Sigma Overview
  • Lean Simulation
  • 8 Wastes in Construction
  • Takt Time & Cycle Time
  • A3 Introduction
  • Process Mapping
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • 6S Workplace Organisation


  • Visual Management
  • PIT Process
  • IPD
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Standard Work
  • Mistake Proofing
  • Kanban
  • Last Planner
  • Kaizen
  • Lean Transformation Framework

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