Lean & Manufacturing

How Do You Build a Manufacturing House of Quality?

Lean & Manufacturing

In the world of manufacturing, a standard principle applies: remove waste from the value stream, at every level – and your business is a long way towards improved performance and securing a competitive advantage. At LBS Partners we deliver the framework to get you there – creating standards that support your business’ strategic goals and objectives.

Lean Manufacturing allows an organisation to produce more with less, and uses strategic interventions to build a ‘House of Quality. Support of senior management is essential – together with the ability to make a cultural shift to a way of working that welcomes improvement across every task, every activity

A Better Solution

LBS Partners has developed a 7-phase approach for companies looking to adopt Lean in their manufacturing processes and remove all unnecessary waste from the value stream.

Our 7-Phase Strategy Lean and Manufacturing

Initiating a Lean Manufacturing programme necessitates an assessment of the stability of the business and its current state. Analysis of the current state produces the scope of the work required to get to the future Lean Manufacturing state. Senior Management support is imperative.Phase 1
Phase 2
Building a Lean Foundation
A solid foundation creates the environment to achieve ‘Just In Time’ and ‘Right First Time’. Making problems visible and advanced problem solving techniques deliver ‘Right First Time’ production.
A solid foundation creates the environment to achieve ‘Just InTime’. Making problems visible and advanced problem solving techniques delivers ‘Right First Time’ production.Phase 3
‘Just in Time’ and ‘Right First Time’
Phase 4
Embedding the Learning
Training at all levels helps to embed the improvements in the manufacturing process. The quality of the training will positively affect the sustainability of the improvements accomplished.
VSM is an end to end system overview. It communicates information, material flow and allows for the removal of unnecessary waste in the value stream.Phase 5
Value Stream Mapping (VSM)
Phase 6
Continuous Improvement (CI) & Alignment
A Continuous Improvement (CI) culture requires a change in behaviours of people and the process. All continuous Improvement actions and tasks should be aligned to the strategic goals of the organisation.
Customers demand value. The improvements made need to create value for the customer. Successful organisations listen to their customers and make improvements where necessary.Phase 7

How we implemented Better

LBS Partners implemented a Lean programme to fix the root cause of the ticketing issue. While reviewing the existing process, our consultants were able to help Trilogy to identify areas of waste and activities which added no value to Trilogy’s customers. A new process was designed, moving from a batching concept to single piece flow. This involved processing one ticket at a time and is central to efficiency in Lean processing.
The new approach to ticketing was a two-tiered one:

  • Transactional – managing the day-to-day activities of the clients’ infrastructure, responding to issues as they arose and bringing about a speedy and successful resolution.
  • Transformational – beyond the day-to-day activities, to understand the voice of the client, developing technical strategies that assist clients in their pursuit of success.

LBS Partners implemented a Lean programme which helped identify the root cause of the ticketing issue, reduced the areas of waste which were impacting on the success of the ticketing system and supported a better process through visual management and targeted continuous improvement.

What got Better?

Implementing a Lean approach to the ticketing system provided clarity and visibility to the Trilogy management team. It reduced non-value add activities, lowered stress for engineers and provided ownership of the process by engaging input at every step.

  • 44% reduction in the average daily backlog
  • 25% reduction in the average ticket time
  • 29% reduction in average ticket turn around time

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