LEAN & Service

How Do You Make Sure Service Sets You Apart?

LEAN & Service

In an ever-more competitive world, Better service will always put your business in pole position. Customers constantly look for improved service levels, and once you deliver on this you’re sure of a definite competitive advantage. At LBS Partners we deliver the framework to help your business adapt improved service as a strategic goal.

Lean Service allows your organisation to learn how to produce more with less. It uses Lean interventions to create standards within your organisation – laying firm foundations so you can build a ‘House of Quality’. A key component is the support of senior management – together with the ability to make a cultural shift to a way of working that welcomes improvement across every task, every activity.

A Better Solution

LBS Partners has developed a 7-phase approach. Aimed at companies looking to adopt Lean in their Service processes, it focuses on removing unnecessary waste from the value stream.

Our 7- Phase Strategy Lean and Service

Initiating a Lean Service programme necessitates an assessment of the stability of the business and its current state. Analysis of the current state produces the scope of the work required to get to the future Lean Service state. Senior Management support is imperative. Initiation phase includes a two-day Introduction to Lean for Leaders training programme.Phase 1
Phase 2
Building a Lean Foundation
A solid foundation creates the environment to achieve service delivery requirements – often evaluated by customer performance measures such as CSAT, NPS or productivity measures ie. Solves Per Hour (SPH)/Average Handling Time (AHT).
Understanding the customer journey is an important step in planning to provide a good customer experience. Making problems visible by using customer journey mapping tools and advanced problem-solving techniques help to continuously improve the customer experience.Phase 3
Understanding the Customer Journey
Phase 4
Embedding the Learning
Training at all levels helps to embed the improvements in the service delivery process. The quality of the training will positively affect the sustainability of the improvements accomplished..
Successful companies need efficient and effective core management processes to support their business. VSM is an end-to- end system overview. It communicates information flow and allows for removal of unnecessary waste in the value streamPhase 5
Value Stream Mapping (VSM) for back office support
Phase 6
Sustainability & Continuous Improvement (CI) & Alignment
A Continuous Improvement (CI) culture requires people to consistently challenge the status quo of how processes operate, and services are delivered. All Continuous Improvement actions and tasks should be aligned to the strategic goals of the organisation.
Customers demand value. The improvements made need to create value for the customer. Successful organisations listen to their customers and make improvements where necessary.Phase 7

Lean and Service in action

Voxpro is Ireland’s largest International provider of customer experience and technical support. The company was looking to improve on their CSAT performance while also continuing to support their clients growing needs.

How we implemented Better

LBS Partners coached the Operations Management team to review its current processes, using Lean thinking. This involved building a clear KPI scorecard, developing a weekly planning forum to manage capacity, using daily PIT meetings and introducing standard work for the team leads to support their agents. A Continuous Improvement (CI) forum was also put in place to work on areas discussed in the PIT meetings.

The KPI Scorecard was introduced to track the key service deliverable measures which allowed the team to see, on a daily /weekly basis, the team’s performance. This scorecard was made visible to all in the work area, which helped with communication and alignment on how they were doing in supporting their customers.
The objective of the daily PIT meeting is to provide a forum where each team meets to review what their focus is for ‘today’, what issues are likely to impact on their day’s plan, and look at how they performed versus yesterday’s target. This forum is a pivotal process to help gain team alignment on understanding what is required on a daily basis to meet performance targets. Larger issues identified through the PIT process are taken off-line to be resolved through the Continuous Improvement (CI) forum.

Working with the Management Team, LBS Partners developed standard work to drive efficiency and effectiveness for the team members. These routines allowed the team to focus its time on working appropriate issues and supporting staff.
LBS Partners also provided key people management skills training to support the team leads and supervisors.

What got Better?

  • 43% reduction in open case backlogs.
  • 11% Improvement in Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), phone improvement.
  • 44% Improvement in Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), email improvement

Having worked with LBS Partners from our initial Lean Transform journey, we found them easy to work with as they quickly understood our requirements and were able to work with our teams in a structured and professional manner. They helped our team enormously to improve on some of our key metric performances as we continue to support our clients growing needs.

Aidan O’Shea, Managing Director, Voxpro

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