LEAN Green Belt Training

LEAN Green Belt Training

Delivered by LBS Partners, the Management Works (Skillnets) Lean Business Green Belt Programme uses a proven combination of training and on-site project mentoring to help participants understand Lean principles, implement Lean tools and deliver improvements for sustainable cost savings.

Green Belt Training takes place at an off-site location. To embed the training further, participants complete improvement projects in their workplace with 4 days (or 8 half-days) of on-site project support from one of LBS Partners’ Lean Mentors. This is included in the programme cost. Projects ensure tools and skills are embedded and provide significant ROI for participating companies.

Who should attend?

Any company that identifies efficiency as a critical factor in achieving success. Participants of the Green Belt course can include administration staff, operators, supervisors and/or managers. We can support you to select a team of up to three participants. During the Green Belt Training each participant will deliver an improvement project in their specific area of business.

What’s covered and what will I learn?

  • Key concepts of Lean Thinking: Value, Value Stream, Flow, Pull, and Perfection.
  • How to identify the fundamentals of Lean, covering topics such as: Takt Time and Cycle Time, Value Stream Mapping, Project Management and Kanban
  • Practical understanding of how to identify and expose the opportunities presented by the ubiquity of waste in the organisation.
  • Practical and powerful Lean tools and techniques, such as Value Stream Mapping and Kaizen.
  • Lean 6-Sigma concepts, such as variation and process capability.
  • Problem-solving and process-improvement techniques (DMAIC) associated with the Lean 6-Sigma framework.
  • The concept of Visual Management and the application of it components 6-S, short interval controls and tiered management systems.
  • How to use the A3 Methodology.
  • An understanding of Kaizen.
  •  Use the tool TPM and OEE.
  • Also, included is a final presentation day – dedicated to the A3 presentations by all participants, to further enforce the learning from the programme. This day also gives management an opportunity to view projects and the benefits gains from each project.