LCi Lean Pass Course

An Introduction to Lean in Construction

LCi Lean Pass Course

Aim of the Course

The aim of the course is to provide participants with an introduction to the fundamentals of Lean and Lean in Construction and to enable construction personnel to speak the same Lean language onsite and in the office.


Course Learning

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:
1. Identify the benefits of Lean in Construction
2. Define the difference between Value and Waste
3. Identify and reduce the 8 Types of Waste
4. Give personal examples of Productive Work and Waste
5. Give personal examples and suggestions on how to improve their own working environment using the  5S methodology

Duration: 3 hours
Certification: Participants will receive an LCi Certificate of Course Completion
Delivery: The Course is delivered by Approved LCi Lean Pass Trainers

LCi Lean Pass - Course Outline


Course Outline

Section 1

  • Introduction to Lean Thinking
  • Why Lean? Why Now?
  • Case Studies highlighting the benefits of Lean in Construction

Section 2

  • Introduction to Customer Value and Eyes for Waste (8 Types of Waste)
  • Case Studies identifying Value and the 8 Wastes
  • Direct Observation: How to identify Productive work and Waste activity

Section 3

  • 5S Methodology: Organising the workplace for Waste Reduction and Safety using 5S methodology

Section 4

  • Respect for People
  • Continuous Improvement

Section 5

  • Lean resources available
  • Summary and Close

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