LEAN Yellow Belt Online

LEAN Yellow Belt Online

Problem-solving is one of the key factors to successful Lean implementation; sustaining a Lean transformation requires continuous problem-solving by everyone in the organisation. In the context of Continuous Improvement, it is a never-ending process. Yellow Belt Training includes a suite of problem-solving tools which can be employed to increase profitability, lower costs and improve customer satisfaction.

Training: 2 days
Mentoring: 3 days
Course times: 9am – 1pm
Delivery: Online
Level: Foundation
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Who should attend?

Yellow Belt Training is essential for your front-line support team – including supervisors, team leaders and support personnel, to ensure that problems are resolved at the appropriate level in the organisation. The long-term goal would be to train all tiers of the organisation to this level, to allow the organisation to make Lean Transformations a reality.

What’s covered and what will I learn?

The Yellow Belt course covers the underlying concepts behind Lean Thinking – with particular emphasis on problem-solving, root cause analysis and the use of methodologies in order to implement solutions.

Participants will be provided with the knowledge and capability to:

  • Identify and make problems visible.
  • Use structured problem solving methodologies, i.e. Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) and Define-Measure-Analyse-Improve-Control (DMAIC).
  • Use tools to define the problem: SIPOC, Process Mapping, Run Charts.
  • Use of analysis tools: Histograms, Pareto Analysis, Scatter Charts.
  • Use tools to root cause problems: 5 Whys, Cause & Effect Diagrams.
  • Use Sustaining Tools, Control Charts and Visual Control.
  • Select and use the appropriate tools to solve problems and sustain improvements.
  • Successfully apply the A3 process.

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