Salesforce Sales Cloud

Be Connected, Be Better

Salesforce Sales Cloud

LBSPartners can help you and your team get connected in this digital world. We offer an end-to-end implementation package to prepare, configure and implement your ideal Sales Cloud system.

Be Connected, Be Better

Salesforce Sales Cloud Lightning is the Worlds #1 CRM Solution.

Businesses come in all sizes and with Salesforce Sales Cloud the ability to close more deals, work on the go and focus your teams is more accessible than ever. Sales Cloud can help you achieve the best from your sales team, developing and converting more leads. With lead management, tracking and analytics all in one place, Sales Cloud helps your team reach their sales targets easier.

Make Better Decisions

Key to any business success is smart decision making.

Sales Cloud offers all your sales information on the go so you can make informed decisions.

Reports & Dashboards allow you a real-time picture of your business. With access from anywhere, you can use reports to make informed decisions on your business and dig deeper into any area of the company.

Sales Forecasting gives you the opportunity to create fast, easy and accurate sales forecasts. While on the go view and edit your forecast to include options like multi-currency, visibility and more.

Increase Productivity

Time management is central to any sales team

With Sales Cloud, productivity is increased by automation, leaving your team more time for your customer.

Workflow and Approvals allow you the ability to design and automate your business processes with ease.

File Sync and Share data with your team quickly and securely, with options to discuss and publish files you need.



Grow your Pipeline

Your leads pipeline is the core of any sales strategy.

Sales Cloud will help you improve lead generation and conversion, delivering better performance.

Lead Management gives you visibility over where your leads are originating from the first click, with this you can allocate your marketing spend on viable channels.

Inside Sales Console gives your team a one screen view of their lead, with information on the company and their history, allowing a tailored sales experience using real sales intelligence.

Closing the Deal

With all sales teams closing the deal can sometimes be a challenge, with Sales Cloud accessible on mobile it gives real-time information to help your team sell.

Contact Management offers a complete view of your customers and their history with your business. With communications both external and internal, key contacts and even insights from social media.

Opportunity Management lets your team stay connected to all the details on each lead with information on a lead stage, quote, products and more.

Mobile access lets your team connect on the go with the ability to log new leads, update opportunities and check the latest details form their device.

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