Salesforce Service Cloud

Be Connected, Be Better

Salesforce Service Cloud

LBSPartners can help you establish excellent customer care in this customer-centric world. Working with you we will create a seamless experience to leave your customers, and you, valued.

Be Connected, Be Better

Salesforce Service Cloud on the world #1 CRM Platform

Give your team the tools and information they need to deliver great service to your clients. With Salesforce Service Cloud you can gain insights into your customers’ world and create personalized experiences and predict future needs.

Lightning Console

Lightening Console allows you to ensure your agents have all the information they need in one place, quickly. Bringing all your legacy systems to one unified platform allows your team to access all they need to know on your customer, anticipate needs and deliver a service your customer will love.

Best of all your agent can swiftly deal with your customers’ queries and in turn, allow productivity to soar.

Case Management

Case Management will revolutionise the way you deal with customers. Using AI your customer will be routed to the best person to help them, the first time. With a visual of each customer interaction, quickly get all the information of each case as required, every message, email, phone call and much more. With an activity update see what you need to do when and quickly take action with a streamlined process and template created.

Omni Routing

Omni Routing allows you to ensure the case or lead goes to the correct team member, taking into consideration the ability, availability, and capacity to handle the work. With an option to update the status, team leaders can route work to the best person ensuring a quick turnover for the customer. Analytics’ on Omni routing gives you the opportunity to see any trends in your employees work schedules, statues and how often they accept or decline work. In addition, you can view average wait times, handle times and other key metrics in order to evaluate and fix issues to faster customer service.

Service Analytics

Service Analytics will enable you to delve deeper into the business and answer key questions, with personalized dashboards. Predictive insights give you the chance to get ahead of the head by identifying potential risks, allowing you to fix the problem before it occurs.

With Einstein Discovery, you can see what happened, why it happened, and recommendations of what to do about it.

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