Strategy Development

How Do You Turn a Plan Into Accountable Actions?

Strategy Development

Ask any successful captain of industry and they’ll tell you – aligning the way your company operates and is organised, with your corporate goals and objectives, is what sets high-performing companies apart. The golden nugget here is being able to take your business plan and execute it ‘off the page’ – in living actions and tasks. How can you make this important transition from a document to a ‘way of doing’ – and find your way to Better?

Strategy Deployment is all about learning how to disseminate your business plan and strategy into measurable tasks with assigned accountabilities and responsibilities – and following-through. It’s about harnessing the positive energy within a company, and using this energy to fuel their performance.

“Deploying high-level organisational goals into measurable objectives, through all levels of the organisation, is where real success lies.”

A key component of Strategy Deployment is the eliminationon of waste that can result from inconsistent direction and poor communication. At the foundation is the core driver: to make sure that every employee is pulling in the same direction and at the same time.

A Better Solution

At LBS Partners we have designed our 7- Phase Strategy Deployment Model to help executives and senior management align their resources with the strategic objectives of the organisation.

Our 7-Phase Strategy Deployment Model (Hoshin Planning)

Create a Vision of the desired organisation at a future point. Use PESTLE and SWOT analysis to better understand the forces both internally and externally that will affect the organisation in the future.Phase 1
Setting Direction
Phase 2
Three to Five Year Strategy
Bring the vision to life by agreeing the key metrics and how they would look in three to five years’ time compared to the present. These metrics will include: Revenue, Profitability, Costs, Customer Reach, Production Quality and Customer KPIs.


The X Matrix links the vision, strategic and annual objectives together. The output is a list of actionable improvements that are reviewed and modified as the organisation progresses


Phase 3
Preparing the X Matrix
Phase 4
The X Matrix plan is communicated to other levels of the organisation. Each level indicates acceptance by going through a process known as “catchballing”. Each department can prepare its own Hoshin Plan with appropriate KPIs.


Management agrees to track performance including the agreed KPIs as per the vision statement. Management coaching as part of the Strategic Deployment transforms the culture of an organisation.


Phase 5
Management Process
Phase 6
Review Process
The key to successful Strategic Deployment is the level of governance applied. Departmental monthly reviews should take place along with quarterly corporate meetings to ensure deployment is being tracked successfully.


Annual review provides opportunity for “lessons learned” to feed into the following year. This allows for better planning and should be used as an opportunity to debate changes to the plan and the resources necessary to deliver it.Phase 7
Annual Review/Diagnosis

Strategy Deployment in action

Suretank is a world leading manufacturer of tanks and CCU’s (Cargo carrying units) for the offshore oil and gas industry, a bespoke pressure vessel manufacturer and a provider of engineered modular solutions to key industries such as Banking, Finance, Telecoms and Data Centres. Rapid growth in the business resulted in the company facing issues with their production process. The challenge for us at LBS Partners was to develop a more strategic approach to improving efficiency and to maintain the company’s competitive advantage

How we implemented Better

As part of a wider transformation programme, LBS Partners worked closely with Suretank’s management to develop a long-term business development strategy. Our team designed a tailored training programme to support Suretank’s strategic plan.

The first-step of the programme was to complete a Hoshin plan using the x-matrix to align the company’s long term strategic objectives with their annual goals. Company-wide and department-specific projects facilitated by LBS Partners were planned and completed to support the achievement of these objectives.

A five-year business plan was developed, along with a programme of transformation. This involved the implementation of training and development workshops, Lean thinking, cultural change and process improvement.

LBS Partners supported Suretank in the development of their leadership skills – necessary to successfully complete their business transformation.

What got Better?

  • Improvement in productivity by 59%
  • Increase in on time delivery by 30%
  • Improvement in efficiency by 11%
  • Decrease in loss time accident (LTA) by 59%

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