Digital Process Optimisation

Customers want their goods or services faster, cheaper, and perfect. Many processes for example; onboarding new employees, training, work scheduling, rostering of shifts and many more. These processes are ripe for digitalisation. The benefits are the elimination of delays & extra emails and much better communication. If you have a process similar to the examples above, this digitalisation voucher is ideal for your business.

How an Irish Business designed
an online marketing process

This business relied almost exclusively on face-to-face meetings and conferences to create business opportunities.
A completely new process was required to generate business from online channels:

  1. Interviewed current & prospective customers to identify their needs and concerns.
  2. Lead sources were identified; website, LinkedIn and valid email addresses for existing contacts.
  3. Designed the processes to generate leads & opportunities for the business.
  4. Identified the insights to assist customers in understanding how the business solutions would solve their problems.

Understand the importance of
Process Optimisation