Neasa McCurtin - Learning & Development Training Manager

With a background in Business Psychology, Neasa began her career by delivering a series of learning and development lectures in University College Cork, moving on to work in organisational development roles for a number of large organisations including Barnardo’s and the Alzheimer’s Society UK. In Neasa’s work with LBSPartners, she has delivered bespoke training packages for a wide range of companies in the field of organisational development including effective communication in the workplace, managing high performance teams, leadership development and performance management. Neasa has also run management workshops, enabling participants to build their skills in holding challenging conversations, managing conflict and dealing with difficult behaviour in the workplace.

Neasa’s work with LBSPartners’ clients is underpinned by a tailored approach to each company’s individual challenges and learning needs.

Areas of Expertise

  • Involved in the development of an organisation-wide mentoring scheme for senior management at Barnardo’s.
  • Designed and delivered training in the fields of effective management and communication.
  • Successfully developed a volunteering programme that enhanced the influence of the Alzheimer’s Society across the UK.
  • Delivered a series of lectures for a master’s course in ‘Learning & Development in Organisations’.


  • Masters of Science in Occupational Psychology, University of Nottingham
  • Higher Diploma in Psychology, University College Cork
  • Bachelor of Arts Degree in English, University College Cork
  • Level A and B Certification in Occupational Testing, University of Nottingham
  • Conflict Management – Thomas Kilman Tool, Nicholson McBride
  • Negotiation and Influencing, Bradford Group


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