A 44% Reduction in Repair Backlogs For Specialised IT Company


A trusted IT service provider, Trilogy, designs, implements and manages agile infrastructure for its clients – helping them to enhance their operations, mitigate risk and achieve their business strategy. The company embarked on a Lean initiative under Enterprise Ireland’s Lean Start Programme, with a mission to add greater value for its customers. The main thrust was to address client issues at the company’s service desk:

The company’s existing ticket process meant that each engineer managed their own queue of tickets. This resulted in the dispatcher having too many queues to oversee and too much of the engineers’ time was spent on management and administration of their queue. Engineers were splitting time to work on several tickets, bringing them only to partial completion.  A radical shift in the engineers’ behaviour was the greatest challenge .


The key steps we identified were…

  • The need to review the business processes; identifying and then eliminating areas of waste and activities which added no value to the customer.
  • Examine the service desk operations from the customers’ perspective.
  • Make the voice of customer present in all decisions.
  • Reduce the turn-around time of service desk tickets: quicker, right first time.
  • Switch the focus of service desk resources from responsive to proactive interventions
  • To reduce downtime when incidents occur and maintain uptime for clients.

Transactional – we managed the day-to-day activities of the clients’ infrastructure, responding to issues as they arose and bringing about a speedy and successful resolution.

Transformational – we moved beyond the day-to-day activities to understand the voice of the client, developing technical strategies and creating value-added activities for clients.

To achieve both approaches, we adopted a combination of Lean principles, including:

  • A process review to understand the backlog
  • Lean Training
  • Visualisation
  • A3 approach to problem solving
  • Single Piece Flow


Average ticket turn-around time29% reduction
Average ticket time25% reduction
Average daily backlog44% reduction

Clarity and visibility for management team

Reduction in non-value add activities

Improved productivity in the engineering team

LBS Partners helped get all of us on the same page. The success of this project laid firmly on getting buy-in from all team members and the willingness of the organisation to change. As our new process stabilises, we will continue to support reactive resolutions but will strive to move more resources towards proactive client management, an area where Trilogy can provide further value to its clientsactions.

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