How Improving Processes Reflects at the Bottom Line


As a financial services provider, Aegon offers its customer base a suite of wealth management products – and has strict obligations to meet regulation requirements. The company obligation to issue Quarterly Account Valuations was not being met within their service level agreement (SLA): there was a clear need to improve response time without increasing staffing levels. At the same time, the company needed to develop the capabilities of its staff so that they could manage the level of work required.


To improve the company’s Valuation Process the current process was reviewed and a current state Value Stream Map was constructed. We identified areas of waste and developed an ‘ideal future state’ for the new, envisaged process.

An action plan was developed to implement the 17 improvements identified through VSM. At the same time, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) were identified for all operational functions.


Daily posting rate for online valuations95%
Quarterly Account Valuations issued to
Service Level Agreements
20% improvement

The new process required less people, enabling their re-deployment rather than additional hiring in other areas of the business.

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