Green Belt Training.

Our Green Belt training teaches companies to be relentless in eliminating waste from their businesses.

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Green Belt Training.

Our Green Belt training teaches companies to be relentless in eliminating waste from their businesses.

What is Green Belt Training?

Green Belt Training supports the waste removal effort and nurtures a culture of Continuous Improvement. Participants of the Green Belt course are mentored by one of our experienced practitioners who employ a ”Learn As You Do” approach, specifically designed to ensure participants are taking maximum learnings from the course and that those learnings stick.

The Lean Green Belt course provides relevant case studies, examples and exercises which are tailored to participants’ areas of focus. The course is suitable for those working from home, on-site, or in the office.

Who should attend?

Green Belt Training is essential for present and potential supervisors, team leaders and managers, in companies who are embarking on a lean journey or are already on one. The fundamental objective is to ensure that complex problems are being resolved at the appropriate level in the organisation. Those who complete their Green Belt will be capable of successfully leading cross-functional CI project teams, and managing cross-functional projects that deliver demonstrable improvement in key business measures.

Course outline.

  • Key concepts of Lean Thinking: Value, Value Stream, Flow, Pull, and Perfection.
  • How to identify the fundamentals of Lean, covering topics such as: Takt Time and Cycle Time, Value Stream Mapping, Project Management and Kanban Practical understanding of how to identify and expose the opportunities presented by the ubiquity of waste in the organisation.
  • Practical and powerful Lean tools and techniques, such as Value Stream Mapping and Kaizen.
  • Lean 6-Sigma concepts, such as variation and process capability.
  • Problem-solving and process-improvement techniques (DMAIC) associated with the Lean 6-Sigma framework.
  • The concept of Visual Management and the application of its components 6-S, short interval controls and tiered management systems.
  • How to use the A3 Methodology.
  • An understanding of Kaizen.
  • Use the tool TPM and OEE.

Also included is a final presentation day – dedicated to the A3 presentations by all participants, to further solidify the learning from the programme. This also gives management an opportunity to view projects and the benefits gained from each project.

When is the next open course?

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What our Clients Say.

“In four months it completely changes your way of thinking to help focus on improving processes and eliminate waste and deliver maximum value to the customer. The encouragement, guidance and support received was second to none. I would highly recommend LBS Partners”

Sandra, ATC Group

“A great two days of Lean Yellow Belt training that our whole HR team really enjoyed & got a lot out of. The LBS trainer’s approach & facilitation of the team in the slightly unusual circumstances of two days in such close succession were super!! Thanks again!!”

Multi-National Manufacturing Company

“The Lean Principles module delivered by Eddie O’Neill has received excellent feedback from our participants, enabling them to develop an understanding of the primary concepts, tools and vocabulary associated with Lean thinking methods, and apply them to their workplace.”

Engineers Ireland

“LBS has been a great partner over the years, learning constantly about our organisation to tailor training content to our specific industry needs and align with our strategic imperatives. We have trained over 260 Yellow Belts and 85 Green Belts, building a strong continuous improvement community.”

TELUS International Ireland

“LBS Partners have been a vital asset to Creganna Medical over the past two years in upskilling our employees in Lean Green Belts. Their trainers & mentors go above and beyond to help the participants. I would highly recommend the LBS program.

Creganna Medical

“The introduction to Lean course delivered by LBS Partners received excellent feedback from all participants. The concepts were delivered whilst keeping a fun and engaging environment. Their flexibility and ability to tailor the course made it an easy choice.”

SES, Shannon, Co. Clare

“I completed my Green Belt and also Operational Lean Leadership courses with LBS Partners. I found both courses highly beneficial and a great foundation for me to go and pursue my Masters Black Belt in University of Limerick.”

Clare, Continuous Improvement Manager, Cook Medical

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