ISO 50001
Energy Management

What is ISO 50001?

Energy is typically one of the last uncontrolled costs in your organisation. Managing energy use and reducing or eliminating excess usage allows you to reduce costs and increase competitiveness in an increasingly competitive market. ISO 50001 is an international standard that specifies the requirements for an energy management system (EnMS). Organisations that achieve ISO 50001 certification have demonstrated via the framework that it provides they have a systematic approach to improve their energy performance, and it helps them save energy, reduce costs, and greenhouse gas emissions.

Our team will support you in creating and improving your Energy Management Systems to foster energy savings, increase performance and reduce your emissions. Some of the most notable areas include reduced energy costs, improved sustainability, and increased competitiveness. ISO 50001 certification can also help organisation comply with environmental regulations. We will guide you in establishing a process for energy management within your organisation. Define energy policies and outline an energy plan, this plan will include reviews of energy use and consumption, as well as an assessment of efficiency. We will establish baselines and help you in establishing performance indicators, and targets for continual improvement.

Example Programme

The emphasis of an ISO 50001 Programme is to ensure your business is in the best position to foster energy savings, increase performance and reduce your emissions. An example of how we can help you achieve this is :

· Conduct a review of all sustainability (energy, waste, water, transport, carbon) data sources

· Review the current integrations between the business’ output and data sources to develop key performance indicators (kg output/kWh)

· Set targets in line with Climate Action Plan 2021 of between 29% and 41% of greenhouse gas emissions for business by 2030

· Develop a register of opportunities and a road map to develop projects 

· Review energy policy

· Advice on sustainability reporting – to you and how often!

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