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The Changing Workplace Webinar

History has shown us that world-altering events such as wars, global recessions, and pandemics like the one we are currently experiencing often result in rapid, widespread, and permanent alterations to the way we live, work and communicate day-to-day.
The Covid-19 crisis altered the world as we knew it and in doing so, precipitated a widespread adoption of virtual communication as a necessary and safe replacement for physical interaction. According to a recent survey conducted by the employer’s group, IBEC, four out of five companies say they will operate a hybrid model of remote and onsite work when offices reopen. These changes have prompted us to ask the following questions:
– How has Covid-19 changed the way we communicate in the workplace and what have we learned from these changes?
– How can organisations adapt in a positive and dynamic way to ensure that they are continuing to thrive in a new and rapidly changing work environment?
– Which new habits and behaviours can help us to make this transition a success?

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