At LBS Partners we share one great passion with organisational leaders like you. We know that all processes, all systems, and all people – can get BETTER at what they do. Can do more. Go further. Get greater results. More importantly, we know how to take you there. Find your BETTER, now.

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Live Webinar – Understanding the Operational Excellence Benchmark – MÓR Model

Gene Leonard, LBS’s CEO, is hosting a free webinar where he will talk you through the principles of MÓR benchmarking and how it can be applied to your organisation.

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COVID-19 Programme Overview

The LBS Social Distancing and Surface Contact Prevention programme is designed and delivered in accordance with the government Return to Work Safely Protocol.


Our Enterprise Transformation Framework is underpinned by the five dimensions of an organisation. The video explains how these dimensions are interdependent and essential to all organisations.

We see a successful business as being made up of a collection of separate but interdependent units – like the structure of a house. From the ‘foundation’ or belief system on which a business is built to the ‘pillars’ or systems which support it – every unit has a key role to play.




Management System


We work with each part of your organisation’s structure and see how BETTER can be applied. From the values your people put into action, to the processes they follow, our job is to make sure that everything is aligned to deliver value to your customer and to your bottom line.

It’s about Better people working with
Better processes in a Better culture,
for a Better purpose and result.

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