Lean Consultancy In the Business of Better.

What’s holding your organisation back from the growth you know is possible? .

LBS About Us

Lean Consultancy In the Business of Better.

What’s holding your organisation back from the growth you know is possible? .

What keeps you awake at night? That’s where we start.

Every leader wrestles with the pressures and competing demands of doing business in a rapidly changing landscape

  • Knowledge gaps that leave your teams out of sync.
  • Communication breakdowns that stifle performance.
  • Poorly defined roles that hinder your ability to grow and progress.

You know things could be better. You know you could create solutions and efficiencies, but where are you meant to find the bandwidth or time?

LBS About


We were early adopters and advocates of Lean in Ireland, so we’ve had a front-row seat to the profound results that come from well-executed Lean methodologies.


We’ve always said that knowledge should be shared, not hoarded. So we partnered with Enterprise Ireland and other thought leaders to establish the Lean Business Ireland community and were inspired to see how the ripple effect of improvement spread and flourished through organisations of all sizes. In our own consulting work, we developed the LBS Transformation Framework and have continued to push the boundaries of better at every turn.


Thousands of successful projects later, we still have that same inexhaustible appetite for improvement and impact.


Now, as the world of work shifts online, LBS is leading the way in digitalisation. What was already a growing concern for firms has become a critical need. We spearhead digital transformations with our clients to help them thrive in this new context. Viewed through a Lean lens, a fully integrated digital platform offers a world of strong wins with efficient workflows and scalable processes. It’s the best way to future-proof a business, and the future is coming at us faster than ever before.

Find Clarity.

Drive Value.

Build your competitive advantage.

Unlock your highest-value opportunities.

With the right tools and processes doing the heavy lifting of dealing with the mundane day-to-day, you are liberated to do the work that really matters.

We provide proven methods for sustainable improvement and pragmatic support every step of the way. We walk alongside you as you develop the capabilities, training, and systems you need to tackle your toughest problems and advance your most important goals.

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Push Your Boundaries.
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Strive for Better.

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