ISO 50001
Energy Management.

Your energy performance and your economic performance are inseparable. The ISO 50001 Energy Management standard is a framework designed to help you improve both.

Energy is one of the last uncontrolled costs in your organisation!

Energy costs are historically unstable, but the undeniable trend is up. We’re facing the combined urgency of a brewing fuel crisis and a simmering climate crisis. 

If you can manage your energy use and reduce or eliminate excess usage, you can see immediate operational savings. You can also win a competitive advantage that will only compound with time. 

So where do you begin?

ISO 50001 is an international standard that specifies the requirements and targets for an energy management system (EnMS). It’s a framework that gives you a step-by-step guide to building a more energy-efficient organisation.

Many businesses decide to implement ISO 50001 just for the economic and operational benefits of a solid EnMS. However, going the extra mile for ISO 50001 certification publicly demonstrates your corporate social responsibility, and can improve compliance with current and future regulatory sustainability requirements. It can also open up new opportunities by enhancing your environmental credentials for tender applications.

Let’s cut your energy cost
and your carbon footprint!

Our expert trainers will walk you and your team through the entire process of ISO 50001 certification. We will be there to offer you guidance and support as you develop your energy policies and establish an energy plan. We’ll help you review your current energy use and consumption, as well as an overall efficiency assessment to establish a baseline and benchmark. You’ll identify key opportunities for improvement, and together, we’ll make an action plan, addressing all the systems, processes and people in your organisation that contribute to your energy performance. 

You’ll have our advice as you choose performance indicators and targets for continual improvement. We’ll make sure you have the tools and visibility you need so that you can use data to understand and make better decisions about energy use, to identify new opportunities as they arise, and to review and document your progress. By the end of this process, you’ll have best-practice energy management baked into your day-to-day operations, getting better all the time. Over time, your EnMS will influence the energy requirements of your entire value chain, cutting your costs year on year, helping you meet your carbon abatement obligations, and demonstrating your corporate commitment to a better world for everyone.

We let the results speak for themselves!

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