Green Start.

You don’t have to start your sustainability journey alone. The Green Start program is 80% funded by IDA Ireland and Enterprise Ireland.

A sensible approach to sustainability!

You can feel the growing urgency around environmental issues. But doing something about it slides down to the bottom of the todo list, time after time. 

It’s difficult to know where to begin with such a complex problem. 

So start here. With us. 

Greater resource efficiency is the most direct way to improve your organisation’s environmental performance. The result? Immediate cost savings, enhanced credentials, and a competitive advantage you can build on. 

Green Start gives you 7 days of access to a subject matter expert who will offer training, advice and guidance at the beginning of your Green Start assignment project. We’ll help you choose the right focus for your project: one specific environmental issue or area of environmental concern that you want to tackle. Together, we’ll identify an internal champion or team to lead the initiative, and then walk you through the systems, processes, and tools you’ll need along the way.

Sustainability starts here.
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A Green Start project is typically undertaken over a six-month period. Your project may vary in scope and focus: the program is tailored to your unique business needs and priorities. We’ll begin with a Resource Efficiency Review, carried out at the start of the project, which will provide you with an initial assessment of opportunities for improvement together with recommendations for action.

Some examples of eligible projects include:

  • Implementing an Environmental Management System based on the “Plan, Do, Check, Act” continuous improvement philosophy so that you can better understand the carbon or environmental footprint of your company’s products or services. 
  • Developing a corporate sustainable strategy and aligning to national/international frameworks and best practices, such as Origin Green, UN Environmental SDGs, or CDP.
  • Producing a Life Cycle Assessment to evaluate all environmental, social and economic impacts and benefits in your processes, so that you can work towards more sustainable products throughout their life cycle. 
  • Investigating Circular Economy thinking and building a transition plan to Circular Economy business models in your industry.

For more information including eligible activities, download the GreenStart Assignment Guidelines (.docx)

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