Green Belt Training.

If you want a sustainable Lean Transformation, you need focused leadership. Lean Green Belt certification turns your management team into a relentless problem-solving, waste-eliminating force for value.

Lean for real life!

Mentorship. Immersion. A practical learn-as-you-do approach to the Lean Green Belt principles and practices. When you train with our experienced practitioners, you get the maximum benefit from the course materials and access to their wealth of real-world knowledge and experience. 

Green Belt training supports the waste removal effort and nurtures a culture of Continuous Improvement in your organisation. The LBS Green Belt course is designed to help you digest and retain both the letter and the spirit of Lean best practices so that you’re ready to apply them to your day-to-day operations. We bring the material to life with relevant case studies, examples and exercises which are tailored to participants’ specific areas of focus. The course is suitable for those working from home, on-site, or in the office.

We let the results speak for themselves!

Customer Testimonial

Caitlin O’Connor – Accelerating Performance

We went to Dublin to visit Caitlin O’Connor of Accelerating Performance about her experience on the Green Belt Course with LBS Partners.
Watch her testimonial as she talks about working with us and how it has changed her way of thinking and working for the better.

Accelerating Performance – Customer Testimonial

The Green Belt Course completely changes your way of thinking to help focus on improving processes, eliminate waste and deliver maximum value to the Customer. The encouragement, guidance, and support received were second to none. I would highly recommend LBS Partners
Sandra, ATC Group Shannon

Managers, senior supervisors and team leads were identified for Green Belt Training which was delivered over five days on-site or 10 half-days online. Each participant completed an in-company project delivering at least €25,000 in savings to the company. As a result of the training programme, problems were now being addressed at floor level and over 86% of daily problems were resolved at Tier 1, with just 12% requiring management input, and only 2% being elevated to Tier 3 for senior management decision.

Level up with
Lean Green Belt!

Who should attend Lean Green Belt training?

If your company is embarking on a Lean journey or is already on one, Green Belt Training is essential for present and potential supervisors, team leaders and managers. The fundamental objective is to ensure that complex problems are resolved at the appropriate level in the organisation. Those who complete their Green Belt will be capable of successfully leading cross-functional CI project teams and managing cross-functional projects which deliver demonstrable improvement in key business measures.

What will I Learn from Lean Green Belt Training?

  • Key concepts of Lean Thinking: Value, Value Stream, Flow, Pull, and Perfection.
  • How to identify the fundamentals of Lean, covering topics such as Takt Time and Cycle Time, Value Stream Mapping, Project Management and Kanban
  • Practical understanding of how to identify and expose the opportunities presented by the ubiquity of waste in the organisation.
  • Practical and powerful Lean tools and techniques, such as Value Stream Mapping and Kaizen.
  • Lean 6-Sigma concepts, such as variation and process capability.
  • Problem-solving and process-improvement techniques (DMAIC) associated with the Lean 6-Sigma framework.
  • The concept of Visual Management and the application of its components 6-S, short interval controls and tiered management systems.
  • How to use the A3 Methodology.
  • An understanding of Kaizen.
  • Use the tools TPM and OEE.
  • Also, included is a final presentation day – dedicated to the A3 presentations by all participants, to further enforce the learning from the programme. This day also gives management an opportunity to view projects and the benefits gained from each project.

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