Learning & Development.

If you could only do one thing to transform your business and skyrocket your growth,
what would it be?

So much more than training.

In the face of a worldwide labor shortage, your workforce is under pressure. They need to do more, in less time, with less help. Everyone is feeling the squeeze. Everyone is behind. Everyone is struggling to meet targets.

Under these circumstances, it can be difficult to slow down enough for anything more than the most basic training required to fulfill the most pressing tasks. It’s a natural response to a stressful situation, but it’s a massive opportunity cost. 

Many of the forces acting on your business are totally out of your hands.
You’re not in charge of inflation. You don’t have authority over the supply chain. You don’t set energy prices. You can’t decide which way the market’s going to go or influence current events. 

However, there is one thing that’s always within your control, and it’s more powerful than all of those things put together. If that sounds like hyperbole, it goes to show just how rare this thing actually is.

We identified the need to develop new leaders to provide them with skills and strategies that would help them lead their teams. LBS did a great job creating a classroom with varied content and good interaction and activities to keep participants engaged. I can absolutely recommend LBS Partners as a training provider that is supportive, reliable, and of an extremely high standard
Teresa Murray, Surmodics

This is the power of a learning organisation.

So much of the work we do is around improving processes: but with each improvement and iteration, there’s a corresponding need to improve the skills and capabilities of the people who will put those changes into action. You can’t have one without the other. 

That’s true from the shop floor to the C suite. 

But upskilling and training are just the tip of the iceberg. We work with you to create a genuine culture of learning in your organisation, to nurture a business that can absorb and grow from any shock.

We’re talking about a culture where your people are unconditionally supported and encouraged to achieve their own goals, alongside the goals of the organisation. Where they are given the tools and the inspiration to grow, develop, and challenge themselves on a daily basis. Where they have the psychological safety to take risks and perform at the edge of their capabilities. 

We’ve seen it in action. It’s rare, it’s incredibly valuable, and if you let it, it will transform everything it touches.

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