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Management & Leadership

What is Management & Leadership Development?

Our Management & Leadership Development course is designed to build strong management skills in participants, providing them with the skills required to manage, engage and motivate their teams.

The course can be delivered on site or remotely. On site duration is 2.5 – 3 days and remote/online delivery comprises 5 – 6 sessions.

Who should attend?

This course is designed specifically for people in an organisation who have a considerable amount of management responsibility, manage a high-level team, or are project lead at a more senior level in the organisation. Participants would be expected to undertake a large amount of people management duties as part of their role.

Course outline.

Communication – active listening, managing conflict, providing feedback and increasing self-awareness to improve communication.

Introduction to Leadership & Management – enhance your management and leadership skills, develop an awareness of your management and leadership style, consider the differences between leadership and management and understand how to motivate staff.

Managing a Team – stages of team development, psychological safety, team roles and responsibility.

Personal Effectiveness – delegation, workload planning and prioritisation, effective decision-making.

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