Leading an Organisation.

Gain the knowledge and skills needed to drive team performance at the senior management level by creating a positive work environment!

Lead with Confidence, Empathy and Trust!

Leaders must gain a deeper understanding of team dynamics and personalities, which are critical for effective leadership at the highest levels. Being able to inspire and motivate your team is crucial to achieving success. You must learn practical tools and techniques that leaders can utilise to create a positive work environment and foster employee engagement.

By building trust with employees and creating a psychologically safe work environment, leaders can unlock their team’s full potential and achieve exceptional results. This is especially important in today’s work environment, where employees seek to feel valued and supported.

To be a truly effective leader you must possess the knowledge and skills needed to become a balanced, self-aware, empathetic, and effective leader. These are critical qualities that can help you navigate complex situations and make sound decisions. By mastering these skills, you can drive your organisation towards success and become a respected leader within the industry.

Master the Art of
Organisational Leadership!

What will you Learn from this course?

Culture of Accountability
Participants will learn about leadership styles, how to enact the principles of leadership, action-centred leadership theory and the role of trust in leadership.

The Right Team
Understand how to build and manage an effective team. Explores topics such as defining the right team, understanding team dynamics, and using the RACI model to clarify roles and responsibilities.

Performance Management
Focuses on the principles and practices of effective performance management for people. Explores topics such as performance appraisal, development planning, and setting objectives to improve individual and team performance.

The Learning and Trusting Organisation
Understand the importance of a positive organisational culture and trust in leadership for building a learning organisation. Explores topics such as defining organisational culture, building trust and leadership, creating a lean culture, and understanding the concept of the learning organisation.

The Organisational Culture
Understand organisational culture, its impact on the workplace, and the key steps to changing it. Explores topics such as understanding the impact of positive and negative cultures, and developing strategies for cultural change.

Course Duration and Delivery
The course is delivered on-site with a duration of 1.5 days.

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