Yellow Belt Training.

Lean Yellow Belt certification gives your team a strong foundation in Lean thinking methodology.

Everyday problem-solving at every level of your business!

A sustainable Lean Transformation needs all hands on deck. That’s why we’ve developed our Lean Yellow Belt course to be a hands-on, learn-as-you-do experience. Yellow Belt Training includes a suite of problem-solving tools which you can deploy to increase profitability, lower costs, and improve customer satisfaction at every level of your organisation… 

Each participant is mentored by an experienced practitioner who has seen and used these principles and tools in action. Their real-world perspectives and examples help participants understand and retain the course material so that they can immediately apply it in context. This foundational introduction to the concepts and application of Process Improvement and Operational Excellence is suitable for those working on-site, in the office, or from home. The next step on the journey is to embark on Green Belt training.

Follow the Yellow Belt road!

Who should attend Lean Yellow Belt training?

Our Lean Yellow Belt training is the ideal entry point for your front-line support team including supervisors, team leaders and support personnel. Sustaining a Lean transformation requires continuous problem-solving by everyone in the organisation. In the context of Continuous Improvement, it is a never-ending process. If your business is undertaking a Lean Transformation project, the long-term goal is to train all tiers of the organisation to this level, to ensure that problems are resolved as and when they happen, without needless escalation.

We let the results speak for themselves!

Discover why organisations have selected LBSPartners as their Continuous Improvement partner. Our expert consultants have worked with organisations across many industries and sectors. We work closely with our clients to unite their teams, empower their business and become the organisation they aspire to be. We are in the business of making you better!

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