Leading a Department.

Elevate your management skills and drive your team to success!

Lead with Confidence and Motivate Your Team!

For professionals with significant management responsibilities, the ability to lead a department effectively is essential. You should be empowered with the skills and knowledge needed to manage, engage, and motivate your teams.

The course is tailored for those who have a high level of management responsibility, manage a high-level team, or are project leaders at a more senior level in the organisation. Participants will learn to navigate complex situations and manage people effectively, creating a positive and productive work environment.

By mastering the necessary skills, you can become a confident leader and drive your teams towards success. You must be equipped to tackle any challenges that arise and lead your teams to achieve their goals. You need a deeper understanding of yourself as a leader and learn how to leverage your strengths to maximise their impact.

Master Management Skills
and Motivate Your Team!!

What will you Learn from this course?

Leadership 1 & 2

An introduction to leadership and management practices. Explores leadership styles, practices, and models, along with the importance of effective communication, motivation, and employee engagement in successful leadership.

Difficult Conversations and Conflict 1 & 2
Develops the skills and techniques for handling difficult conversations and managing conflicts in the workplace. Explores topics such as providing constructive feedback, understanding and having difficult conversations, and managing conflicts in a constructive manner.

Self-Awareness and Communication 1 & 2 
Focuses on the development of self-awareness and communication skills to enhance personal and professional growth. Explores topics such as psychological safety, emotional intelligence, communication skills, assertive communication, communication styles, influencing, and managing bias.

Course Duration and Delivery
The course can be delivered on-site or remotely. On-site duration is 3 days and remote/online delivery comprises 6 sessions.

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