Vincent Leonard - Director & Business Development

Vincent is responsible for managing all our new customer relationships and manages our customer’s experience. His experience in front office roles has honed his understanding of the importance of providing exemplary customer care well before the client ever decides to do business. As a result, we have made and continue to make changes to our front of office profile and measure the many touchpoints of the customer’s experience.

Vincent assumes responsibility for working with partners and clients and co-promoters in establishing a clear understanding of how we work best together in getting the best result for our clients. Vincent liaises with Enterprise Ireland, IDA Ireland, Skillnet Ireland, and Lean Business Ireland in their joint promotion of Continuous Improvement in Ireland.

Vincent is our main account manager for with several significant clients and works with his consultants and trainers in designing programmes that deliver on the client’s objectives. The scheduling of work is completed jointly with senior HR managers to ensure personnel are freed up to attend training courses and their mentoring sessions. In his role as account manager Vincent ensures that problems are averted or solved expeditiously. He holds regular meetings with clients to review our work and addresses issues arising with his teams. This regular contact with their clients during work programmes leads to better outcomes for the client and stronger relationships between all parties.

Areas of Expertise

  • Vincent joined LBS in 2014 as Business Development Manager with responsibility for growing business and engagements in Micro, SME and FDI clients.
  • As a former Regional Manager with Cantor Fitzgerald, Vincent managed a team of stockbrokers and advisors to provide tailor-made solutions to meet clients’ unique needs.
  • Held Senior roles in a number of high-profile financial service companies & was Head of Private Clients with Bloxham, Area Manager with Goodbody Stockbrokers, and Regional Investment Advisor with AIB Investment Managers.


  • Master in Business Practice, University Colleg Cork
  • Specialist Lean Diploma, University of Limerick
  • Business Studies, University of Limerick


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