Green Start.

The Green Start is 80% funded by IDA Ireland and Enterprise Ireland.

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Green Start.

The Green Start is 80% funded by IDA Ireland and Enterprise Ireland.

Green Start

The aim of the Green Start assignment is to improve environmental performance through greater resource efficiency helping companies achieve competitive advantage and greater market share through enhanced credentials and cost savings. Projects may vary in scope from implementing a structured environmental management and reporting system to understanding the carbon or environmental footprint of products or services.

Companies can apply for grant support towards the cost of hiring a Green consultant/trainer to undertake a short in-company assignment.

Eligible assignments may include:

  • Guidance with basic Environmental Management System based on ‘Plan, Do, Check, Act’ continuous improvement philosophy.
  • Guidance with developing a corporate sustainable strategy and aligning to national/international frameworks e.g. Origin Green, UN Environmental SDGs, CDP.
  • Guidance with Life Cycle Assessment.
  • Guidance with Circular Economy thinking and transition to circular economy business models

For more information including eligible activities, download GreenStart Assignment Guidelines (.docx)

Get started on your Green Journey.

What is the cost?
The typical cost of undertaking a Green Start assignment is €6,300 with the maximum grant funding available from Enterprise Ireland of €5,000.

Am I eligible?
GreenStart is open to HPSU’s, SME’s and large companies that are IDA & Enterprise Ireland clients.

What other funding programmes are available?
To help start your Green journey you can also avail of the Enterprise Ireland Climate Action Voucher or The Enterprise Ireland GreenPlus Funding.

Contact LBS today to see if you are eligible for funding and discuss how our programmes can help your organisation to be more efficient and improve your environmental performance.

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