About Suretank.

Suretank is a world leading manufacturer of tanks and cargo, carrying units (CCUs) for the offshore oil and gas industry. They also manufacture bespoke pressure vessels and provide engineered modular solutions for key industries such as banking, finance, telecoms and data centres. There had been rapid growth in the business, but as often happens – their production process was suffering. Together, we helped the company adopt a more strategic approach to improving efficiency, helping them maintain their competitive advantage.

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LBS Partners’ consultant was highly experienced and supported the development of our five-year business transformation plan

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The Challenge.

As part of a wider transformation programme, we worked closely with Suretank’s management to help them develop a long-term business development strategy. Together we designed a tailored training programme to support the company’s strategic plan.

A Collaborative Solution.

The first-step of the programme was to complete a Hoshin plan, using the x-matrix to align the company’s long term strategic objectives with its annual goals. Company-wide and department-specific projects facilitated by LBS Partners were planned and completed to support the achievement of the objectives. A five-year business plan was developed, along with a programme of transformation which involved the implementation of training and development workshops, lean thinking, cultural change and process improvement. We were proud to help support Suretank develop the leadership skills necessary to successfully complete their business transformation.

Impact and Results.

  • 59% increase in productivity
  • 30% increase in on-time-delivery (OTD)
  • 59% decrease in loss time accident (LTA)
  • 11% improvement in efficiency


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