About Telus.

TELUS International, formerly VoxPro, is an award-winning provider of multilingual customer experience & next-gen digital IT solutions to some of the world’s largest and most respected brands. Headquartered in Cork, with offices in Dublin, they are the largest multinational provider of outsourced multilingual customer service in Ireland and the U.K.

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The Challenge.

Telus approached LBS as they were facing a challenge with their clients in trying to improve their Net Promoter Score (NPS) performance while continuing to keep pace with their client’s growing needs.

A Collaborative Solution.

LBSPartners worked closely with the operations management team to review the customer experience in “specific” cases. This involved capturing the customer experience journey for each of these cases, and using the Lean Customer Journey Mapping tool to pinpoint specific interactions and emotion ranges. This allowed us to quickly identify the adverse impacts their current processes had on customer experience. We then proceeded to work with the management team to develop a hypothesis about possible design changes to the process which could improve the customer experience. The hypothesis was initially tested as a pilot process and after some modifications, it was rolled out into the main process.

Impact and Results.

  • Number of overall interactions in the journey reduced by 36%
  • Number of direct Customer Contacts decreased by 58%
  • Number of people involved in the process reduced by 34% as escalations decreased
  • Improvement in customer NPS score by 14%, achieving the client NPS target
  • Number of days to resolve case decreased by 44%


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