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Not all of our clients wish to be identified. Some wish to remain anonymous – sometimes to retain an ‘edge’ over a competitor. That is understandable and never an issue for us to accommodate. If and when discretion is called for, we work with the client to keep the project under wraps, providing advice and guidance on how best to do so.

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The Challenge.

As a result of increasing demand, a large Irish-owned engineering company in the East of Ireland, manufacturing commercial vehicles, wanted to scale their business while adhering to their customers’ three main requirement of:

  1. Delivery Time
  2. Quality
  3. Price

As the company was experiencing significant growth, the present operating model was generating bottlenecks and there was a concern that orders would be delayed which risked the strong reputation the company had developed. The company wisely decided to tackle three areas to reduce the bottlenecks and delays. The three areas were:

1. On-Time Deliveries

2. Lead Times

3. Order backlog

A Collaborative Solution.

Initially a large amount of data was collected to accurately measure the current state. Takt times and cycles times were key targets for improvement to determine line balance. The number of stages in the manufacturing process was analysed to determine if the 7 stages in the process were necessary.

A targeted 6Ss programme was completed to reduce H&S risk and to eliminate time wastage. Visual Boards were introduced at all stages of the manufacturing process to identify problems to be resolved expeditiously. This laid the grounds for standardisation of work practices. The introduction of agreed KPIs focussed minds on the business critical deliverables.

Impact and Results.

  • Increased run-rate from 9 to 25 units per week (+166%)
  • Unit Lead time reduced from 15-16 weeks to 10-12
  • 49% Decrease in Direct Labour Hours Per Machine
  • Increased Quality from 0% (RFT) to 45% of machines (RFT)
  • Increased Communication between Production & Test
  • Dramatically reduced amount of uncompleted inventor


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