About Farrell.

Founded in 1961, Farrell’s Furniture designs and manufactures quality office and residential furniture to the highest standards. Working with only the highest quality materials, they design and supply customised furniture solutions, for commercial and residential, to organisations of all sizes in both public and private sectors.

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The Challenge.

The management of Farrell’s furniture did not follow a data-driven approach to solving recurring issues or customer problems. They had no clear data or metrics in place to measure business performance or to determine areas of improvement. Issues were being addressed without:

  • a) Using data to help better understand the current situation.
  • b) Engaging the appropriate stakeholders to determine the root cause of the problem.

A Collaborative Solution.

We implemented a combination of Visual Management techniques including PIT and 6S initiatives to encourage more participation, creating a sense of ownership among workers on the production floor. Our Lean experts worked closely with their staff to nurture a culture of Continuous Improvement. This included making a note of issues identified during their morning meetings, then allocating responsibilities to individuals to ensure the issues were resolved before moving on to the next problem-solving tier. Process mapping was also used to fix breakdowns in communication which could have a negative impact on workflows. It is important that information flows clearly and visibly between each work area so that problems can be identified, communicated, and resolved in a timely manner throughout the organisation. Yellow Belt training was given to their production and support staff to improve their problem-solving skills using A3 and 4C techniques.

Impact and Results.

  • Visual Management and Process Mapping techniques made the work visible and measurable and supported the development of KPIs to drive business performance.
  • A culture of Continuous Improvement and problem-solving is being nurtured throughout the organisation, mainly in the production and support areas.
  • Overall annual YTD savings exceeded €500,000 from the lean programme.


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