TTM Healthcare.

About TTM Healthcare.

TTM Healthcare is a rapidly growing, Irish-owned, specialist recruitment company based in Ennis, Co. Clare. Their main focus is on recruiting candidates for the healthcare sector across Ireland, Great Britain, Northern Ireland, and the Middle East.

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The Challenge.

The company was experiencing a rapid increase in the demand for their services, and as a result some of their previously efficient processes were sacrificed in order to meet customer demands more quickly. This soon became a source of frustration for their employees. TTM has a healthy organisational culture which places a great emphasis on improving its processes. They recognised the need to revisit some of their core processes to improve efficiency for stakeholders, improve productivity, and reduce the amount of stress for employees.

A Collaborative Solution.

We conducted a training needs assessment, through which we identified three main areas of focus:

  • Process Improvement/Problem-Solving Skills
  • Operations Management Personal
  • Performance skills

We then developed a bespoke lean programme designed to positively impact these three areas. The programme included training courses on Lean Yellow Belt, Lean Green Belt, Visual Management, Detailed Process Mapping, Customer Journey Mapping, Strategy Deployment/Hoshin planning, and Finance for Non-Finance Managers.

Impact and Results.

  • Visual Management workshops allowed the teams to better align their focus on business goals and objectives.
  • Yellow & Green Belt training focused on projects that increased awareness of issues that could impact either their end customers, the candidates or the operational cost.
  • Real improvements were made to reduce the candidate hiring processing time (22%)
  • Recruitment onboarding process to reduce ramp time of a new recruiter to deliver on their KPI’s


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