Waterford Stanley LTD


Waterford Stanley is an Irish company with a long and proud tradition, bringing warmth and comfort to homes for generations, stretching back to when the first range cooker was designed and built in Waterford, Ireland in 1936.

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The Challenge.

Waterford Stanley needed to identify non value add activities and capture them in a simple and effective manner. They needed to implement improvements while continuing to execute the core function of the area.

A Collaborative Solution.

We worked closely with this client to achieve its goals by implementing:

  • Lean Training to increase the teams knowledge of Lean and Lean tools.
  • Using the eight wastes to help identify waste reduction opportunities.
  • Application of the Plan Do Check Act cycle to manage continuous improvement projects.
  • Use of Visual Management as a communication tool.
  • Increasing capacity in the Sales and Service Support Centre through elimination of waste.

Impact and Results.

  • The impact of the waste reduction process will deliver increased capacity in the Sales and
  • Service support centre to handle customer calls.
  • The estimated value of this increased capacity to the business is €70,000