Data Driven Decision Making

What if you could answer questions about your business on the go? It is simple with today’s technology, and it is essential. Key aspects of your business can be easily monitored and measured, providing real insights using simple visualisation through the implementation of an ERP system. For some businesses, customer experience and customer satisfaction are the critical ones. If you haven’t considered measurement like this before then consider the big five used by most manufacturing concerns, quality, service, delivery, cost and performance. Using a digitalisation voucher you could have these measurements up and running in weeks.

How an Irish company drove with real time information

This business was well organised and its customers were generally happy with its performance. However, there was no comprehensive view of the overall business.
The steps we followed to achieve this overview were:

  1. Agreed KPIs, Information Display, and Meeting Structures
  2. Review how KPIs are currently collected, stored, and used
  3. Plan the development of the future KPIs process
  4. Data collection routines
  5. Design Implementation
  6. Piloting & Training