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About DPF Engineering.

DPF Engineering in Carlow employ highly skilled engineers and designers to provide bespoke, FDA approved solutions for the Med-tech industry. They support the Aerospace and Med-tech industries with engineering design, manufacture of precision tooling, complex metallic components and detailed assemblies.

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The Challenge.

DPF Ltd wanted to implement a Visual Factory and build capability in its people to identify waste and improve processes, and to focus on production OEE2 improvement. Their challenges included a very busy production environment coupled with a small workforce. This created backlogs and difficulties in meeting targets and improvement work.



The project was funded by Enterprise Ireland through a Lean Plus programme. The company had already completed a Lean Start which created a solid foundation from which to work. The enterprise Ireland funding covered 50% of the external consultant’s costs and also 50% of the cost of their Lean Champions for time spent by them promoting lean throughout the organisation.

A Collaborative Solution.

  • PIT Boards implemented in the factory and the Toolroom. Daily Meetings.
  • 6S Improvements in the Toolroom, Back Yard and Metal Store.
  • Positive engagement operators and progress in empowering operators to engage in Kaizen events.
  • Developed OEE measurement for production machines with historical database.
  • TPM program developed for production machines, including autonomous maintenance routines for operators and annual PM schedules for 3rd party maintenance.
  • Greenbelt training for three employees.
  • Three focused kaizens:
    • 6S Organisation of tool storage.
    • SMED for Beam changeover.
    • Capacity increase on Kitamura
  • Planning process improved.

Impact and Results.

  • OEE2 improved on average by 8% on Doosan, Kiltamura, VMX30, VMX60 and Lynx machines.
  • OTIF Customer service improved by 3%.
  • Solid Lean culture nurtured and embedding across the company.
  • Internal capabilities developed to meet future growth in the business.
  • Leaders trained to develop all employees and improve employee engagement.



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