About Filtertek.

Filtertek is a leading designer and supplier of custom filtration and fluid control devices for major original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) since 1965, with manufacturing plants in Europe, North America, and South America. They produce custom and standard products from simple components to highly complex devices, using their experience in design, product development, and advanced manufacturing processes to deliver high-quality, cost-effective solutions.

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The Challenge.

Filtertek’s high-speed automated manufacturing systems take molded components and assemble them into finished check valves. However, the downtime on assembly machine H was running at 12% which was too high and was affecting output capacity. The management of the company approached LBS as they wanted to increase capacity on each machine and improve overall productivity.

A Collaborative Solution.

  • An array of problem-solving tools, including flow charts, were used to identify the assembly stations with the most stoppages.
  • Once the problems were identified, we conducted a root cause analysis using A3s, which brought clarity to the source of the stoppages and enabled solutions to be identified.
  • Machine settings were checked and optimised using lean error proofing. Access to change settings was restricted only to authorized personnel.

Impact and Results.

  • Uptime on machine increased by 10%
  • The output from the machine increased by 13%
  • In financial terms, increased output from one machine equated to annualised added value to the company of €161,000 in additional production.


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