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Not all of our clients wish to be identified. Some wish to remain anonymous  sometimes to retain an edge over a competitor. That is understandable and never an issue for us to accommodate. If and when discretion is called for, we work with the client to keep the project under wraps, providing advice and guidance on how best to do so.

The Challenge.

Our client has a seasonal business where they must double their headcount for 5 months every spring. Traditionally this increased HR workload required multiple additional administrators on short term contracts. The existing processes were excel & email based, and not rigorously documented.

A Collaborative Solution.

  • We started by mapping out the processes involved in onboarding & offboarding employees.
  • The next phase of process mapping was looking at all remaining employee/HR engagements within the company.
  • Finally we facilitated the requirements gathering and go live of their new cloud based HR system.

Impact and Results.

  • The client now has clearly documented processes, not only for employee onboarding & offboarding as was the original ask, but we also identified the opportunity of a new incoming piece of software to review and map out all of the HR related engagements with employees.
  • The peak season can now be staffed by the existing HR team with no requirement for short term contractors, and the feedback from seasonal staff on the smoothness of the process has been excellent.
  • The new system has also led to improved employee engagement across the company as employees have reported feeling increased confidence in their dealings with HR and management, thanks to the structure provided by the new system.