The Lean Rule Of Three

Leaders of great organisations focus on three things:

1) Mastery of the Product, Process or Service
2) The Development of people and
3) Creating the passion to make things better

1) Mastery of the Product, Process or Service

These great organisations exude mastery of the Product, Process or Service they provide. This mastery can be attained by relentlessly pursuing 4 steps.

  • Standards â€“ continually reducing unpredictability and increasing repeatability.
  • Visualisation â€“ making abnormalities obvious as quickly as possible.
  • Just-in-time â€“ a focus on the work that must be done right now.
  • Stability â€“ smoothing out the peaks and troughs in the daily work.

2) The Development of People

Adults learn by solving specific problems, confronting what they know from experience with what they are seeing right now. This confrontation leads to discoveries, new ideas and new memories… in other words, new learning.

  • Know the work â€“ having a deep understanding of the work to be done
  • Motivation â€“ confident of one’s own capability and enthusiastic about challenges.
  • Space to think â€“ time to think about new things and work on them.
  • Progression â€“ making a difference for one’s own self-esteem and recognition by peers

3) Creating the passion to make things better – “A passion for Better”

Bringing energy and passion to the workplace is the leaders #1 objective. Strong storytelling to help align the teams in a common improvement direction.

  • Telling the story â€“ The purpose or story of how your organisation serves customers.
  • Coaching excellence â€“ encouraging people who will make the story come true.
  • Energy â€“ creating collective leadership to work together for the customer.

The three areas of focus appear in much of the writing about the Toyota culture¹

1ものづくりMonozukuriMake things
2人作りHitozukuriMake people
3事作りKotozukuriMake stories

¹Michael Ballé, Daryl Powell and Kodo Yokozawa,  Monozukuri, Hitozukuri, Kotozukuri, Planet Lean, Jan 8, 2019

This post was written by Gene Leonard, CEO, LBSPartners.


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