White Belt Training.

Learn the fundamentals of Lean thinking to get you started on the road to reducing waste in your organisation.

What is White Belt Training?

Participants who undertake the Lean Awareness Course are provided with an overview of fundamental Lean thinking and the context for further engagement with Lean. White Belt training introduces the concept of Continuous Improvement which lies at the core of Lean transformation and provides an introduction to 6-S and Workplace Organisation, the basis for all process improvement.

Who should attend?

The course is relevant to all Senior Managers or The course is intended to enable team members to participate on improvement teams. Participants should include all levels of the organisation as the minimum training they would receive.

Course outline.

Participants in this course will learn about the fundamentals of Lean training. What is Lean all about and what are its basic principles? You will learn how these principles can be applied in a personal sense, i.e. what do they mean for me? And also how they are applied in a wider sense i.e. what do they mean for my company or my team?

“The Lean White Belt course, delivered by LBS Partners received excellent feedback from all participants. The concepts were delivered whilst keeping a fun and engaging environment. Their flexibility and ability to tailor the course made it an easy choice.”
Leslie Hutchinson, SES Shannon

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