LBSPartners Lean Programmes.

LBSPartners Lean Programmes.

Lean Programmes

Companies may apply for funding for 3 Lean Start and 3 Lean Plus programmes providing the next programme is value-adding and a follow-on to work already completed. We support our clients in completing the application process for both Lean Starts and Lean Pluses making it a very straightforward process.

Empowering People & Organisations.

The Irish government supports both indigenous and Foreign Direct Investment companies in becoming more competitive through systematically improving internal capabilities and organisation. It achieves this by adopting operational methodologies such as lean and agile to boost performance and productivity. The purpose is to make for a more competitive export sector and make Ireland more attractive for inward investment.

Since 2007 LBS Partners has helped our clients complete over 500 lean starts and lean plus programmes funded by Enterprise Ireland and IDA Ireland. The Lean Programmes supported by the state are based on an incremental learning model, building from an initial 7 day project based programme to a more transformational project that will last several years.

Lean Training

How does one gain an understanding of the strengths, weaknesses, and attributes of the people in their organisation? How does one then take that knowledge and use it to improve those people? How can an organisation put the foundations in place to grow its next executive team? And how can it ensure that every team member truly feels their individual career is going in the right direction?


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